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ARC Cloathing Co.

Posted in Advertising, Apparel, Illustration


Project: Create several graphics for screen printing on both male and female apparel, primarily t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts for ARC Cloathing Co.

Designs range from stylized wordmarks to nostalgic, grungy illustrations. Using minimal levels of colour, I tried to create striking visuals that would resonate in tone and subject with the audience of young independent music fans.

All photography used for illustrations and design was taken from events sponsored by ARC Cloathing Co. and/or features event attendees as models.


About the company

ARC Cloathing Co. is a grass roots, community-minded company that makes affordable and unique urban clothing.

Over the years, ARC has sponsored local athletes and musicians and has recently begun to focus it’s vision on building the local music scene and assisting touring artists. In 2010, ARC organized and presented the first KOI (Kitchener Ontario Independent) Music Festival in downtown Kitchener, ON. In KOI’s inaugural year, 135 artists/bands performed at 9 indoor venues and on 2 outdoor stages. The KOI Music Festival continues to grow in size and scope year after year.

ARC is an acronym standing for ADVANCE, RENEW and CO-EXIST, the founding principles of the company.



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