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Awesense Wireless Inc.

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Project: Design a pop-up trade show booth for Awesense Wireless Inc.

A bright and colourful theme was applied to attract attention, while reflecting the company’s vibrant corporate culture. The pattern of circles was used to inspire notions of thought and brainstorming and to be used as abstract references to wireless communication, the cloud and the potential holes in systems resulting in power loss – the quintessential problem faced by Awesense customers. The iconic imagery throughout the design represents specific points in electrical grid systems where Awesense technology proves most valuable.

All print collateral was then updated to coincide with the new booth design, communicating much more dense, highly technical messaging in a lively, yet informative manor. A variety of technical documents, including datasheets, case studies and presentations were created for the trade-show, which now serve as the templates for future client-created materials.

About the company

Awesense Wireless Inc. offers advanced grid analytics tools that provide true intelligence into the electrical distribution grid, with special emphasis on finding non-technical losses, power theft and metering errors.

Awesense’s software systems identify parts of the grid that are likely to have high levels of theft and losses, create comprehensive views of actual conditions on the grid and use analytics applications to combine all relevant data sources to monetize the causes of loss and theft.

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