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Great Canadian Holidays

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Assignment: Design several bi-annual destination catalogues, weekly flyers and advertisements for Great Canadian Holidays.

The challenge of designing the catalogues was to maximize the readability of the comprehensive text descriptions, while allowing enough space to tastefully display the spectacular destination photography. I created a specific hierarchy of elements with distinctive features to optimize the dissemination of information. A colour-coded system was created to sort tours by type and destination. New, high-quality images were sourced from the respective tourism boards, greatly increasing the appeal of the tours and the integrity of the brand. Over the years I was able to increase the ratio of images to text and consistantly increase catalogue readership and related bookings.

The tradeshow banners were devised as an image-focused campaign that could work in tandem as well as in stand-alone displays. The banners worked to demonstrate the great excitement and diverse range of the tours provided, while highlighting the signature designs of the company’s fleet of vehicles.


About the company

Great Canadian Holidays specializes in group travel to destinations spanning North America, offering a broad array of tours geared towards a wide range of travellers.

Great Canadian also operates a full motor coach division with over 50 coaches, two garages and the most modern fleet in Ontario. Great Canadian’s commitment to promoting Canadian unity drives the design of the coaches, featuring various Canadian themes.

The Great Canadian group of companies now includes the Great Canadian Auto Care Centre, offering service and cleaning for all makes and models.


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