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RuggedCom Inc.

Posted in Advertising, Corporate Design, Illustration, Trade Show


Assignment: Create logos illustrating pioneering technologies, ground-breaking hardware, software and environmental initiatives.

All product logos had to reinforce and adhere to the existing RuggedCom branding. The intense toughness of the products had to be reflected in a loud and bold style. Whenever possible, the icons demonstrate the product’s core function or benefits. All icons were optimized for instant recognition in both extremely large and miniature display.


Assignment: Create print and digital advertising, brochures and technical documents communicating exceptional quality and reliability.

Dark, foreboding scenes of grim landscapes were used to communicate the harsh environments and conditions that RuggedCom products were engineered to endure. In advertising, short, emphatic headlines were paired with concise, technical explanations, to attract attention and inform the user of proven benefits. Many complex network diagrams required simplification into more comprehensible, easily digestible illustrations.


About the company

RuggedCom designs and manufactures industrially hardened networking equipment for the harsh environments found in power stations, substations and industrial plants.

RuggedCom Inc. was named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for six consecutive years and, in 2012, was sold to Siemens Canada Ltd. for approximately $440 million.


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