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Sole Sisters

Posted in Corporate Design


Project: Develop the brand identity for Sole Sisters Shoes.

The client requested a logo that included, in any way, playful word-art of the brand name. I wanted to make the S of the name resemble the actual shape of the footware and demonstrate the functionality of the shoes at the same time. The reflection of the shoe-shaped S worked exceptionally well to create a heart shape, which is a perfect fit for one of the company’s main markets – weddings.

The type was selected to be playful yet elegant, highly legible in small dimensions and would balance in weight with both horizontal and vertical configurations. The colours were selected to emphasize the themes of love, fun and grace.


About the company

Sole Sisters Shoes creates portable ballet flats that fold and fit into a small matching pouch.

All shoes are rollable, foldable, stylish and convenient and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Sole Sister Shoes offers custom orders, with personal names or company logos for groups, promotions and special events.


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