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Wedding Invitations

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Create wedding invitations for the most important wedding of all (my own).

I wanted to design invitations that were colorful and fun to read. The text copy was very playful, so the type treatment had to be as well.

The illustrations were done to reinforce the theme of the wedding (trees) as well as the venue itself, as Belcroft Estates is a tree farm in addition to being an event centre. The retro-fitted barn was precisely what we wanted in a venue, as it balances antique charm with modern comfort. The wooden barn resonated a country home warmth and there were several unique and beautiful locations to visit on the premises, including a covered bridge, lighthouse and a caboose.

A formal invite was included within the invitation, to both make it official and to appease the families. Each of the inside panels represented the only four things that the guests needed to attend: Where, when, what to eat, and how to reply. The map was drawn in a style of a fantasy novel to get the guests excited for a real adventure.


About the venue

Belcroft Estates is a special event centre located within the Belcroft Tree Farm.

The century barns were originally built in 1857 and have been renovated and restored to offer all the modern amenities of today’s world. The barns are equipped with all of the essentials required to host an elegant, yet rustic occasion.


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