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Your Personal Chef

Posted in Corporate Design


Project: Develop the brand identity package, including logo, stationary and package labeling designs, for Your Personal Chef.

The icon of the chef was modeled after the founder and alludes to several kitchen motifs (e.g. a plate, salt shaker, steam…etc.). The font choices of the logo were selected to combine the elegant and sophisticated ambiance of fine dining with a much more personal touch. The signature red was used to give a bold flash of colour, with maximum contrast, to create a loud, but warm sensation. The balance of white and black was selected to reflect the look of high-end menus designs as well as a typical chef’s uniform.


About the company

Your Personal Chef is a full-service catering company that offers event planning, custom menu creation, food preparation and waiting services.

All foods are prepared using only the finest, select ingredients and formally attired waitstaff are available for intimate meetings or special events.

Your Personal Chef also offers freshly packed, custom made, cost-effective, non-perishable, re-heatable meals. All meals can be designed to accomodate allergies and intolerances, tastes, dietary requirements and healthy eating goals.


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